~ Book your lessons for your first dance as soon as you can! The sooner you start you lessons the more comfortable you will be for the big day. If you want your song choreographed start at least 3-5 months in advance.

~Have an idea how you want you first dance to feel; fast, fun, upbeat, slow, romantic, passionate…

~ For music selection, pick a few favorite songs to bring to your lesson. That way your teacher can help you with what dance would work best for the two of you. If your hearts are set on one song already, that is fine too. If you haven’t chosen a song, we can definitely help you with your selection of music.

~Decide if you want to do more dancing then your “first dance”. Examples: Mother Son, Wedding Party, or dancing for the rest of the evening.

~Have an idea of how big your floor is going to be.

~Grooms if you can, try to bring the shoes that you will be wearing. That way you can make sure that they will work for your dance.